The United Church of Christis a church formed in 1954 which consisted of four denominations: The Congregational Church, The Christian Church, The Evangelical Church, The Reformed Church. These four denominations believed that Christ wants the church on earth to be united by our common bonds rather than pulled apart by our differences. To learn more about the UCC, click here


The Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christserves the friends, members, staff and clergy of our 229 congregations across the state. We are a link between the local churches, the four associations in the state and the national United Church of Christ. To Learn more about the Wisconsin Conference, click here


The Southwest Wisconsin Association of the United Church of Christis made up of 53 congregations, spreading from Juneau, Lake Mills and Whitewater to the east and the Mississippi River to the west. The Association goes as far as Portage, Fox Lake and Endeavor to the north and south to the Illinois border. The Association exists to assist the local churches to equip their members for mission to and in the World. To Learn more about the

Southwest Wisconsin Association, click here


The God is Still speaking Ministrywas initiated in 2004 as a proclamation, identity and communication effort designed to:

  •  Speak to the alienated, the un-churched and those seeking a spiritual home
  •  Let people know that “No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here."
  •  Embrace a common brand and theme that would enable the United Church of Christ to be instantly recognizable to those both within and outside the denomination.

 To learn more about God is Still speaking, click here

Good Deed Foundation, LLC offers simple, powerful acts that will provide lasting solutions for women and families in poverty and for climate change. To learn more about the Good Deed Foundation,                                                             click here